The Daughter of God (eBook)

by Gwen Davis

  • A delightful, reverent, gentle reworking of the greatest story ever told — only this time, instead of in a manger, he is born in America, and this time he is a girl.

    A complete departure for best-selling novelist Gwen Davis. With wonderful illustrations by Joe L. Sky, including THE LAST LUNCHEON, an ingenious riff on the Da Vinci Last Supper.

  • Page Count: 77
    ISBN: 978-09886907-8-3

    THE DAUGHTER OF GOD is a re-visit to "the greatest story ever told." Only this time, it's a woman.

    Lovingly retold, it is the tale of Chris, who lives this time in California, and brings her high sense of purpose to her community, with words of wisdom, humor, lessons of love, and genuine wit.

  • Written by Gwen Davis
    Illustrated by Joe L. Sky

    Davis has written eighteen novels, including the sexy bestseller The Pretenders. She has also written travel for the Wall Street Journal Europe, for online publications such as the Huffington Post, and maintains a popular personal blog, Report from the Front.

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