Puzzles (eBook)

by Terri E. Lyons

  • All sights and sounds of a promising future, until the summer of 1959, when a menace moved into town...

    A period piece set in 1959, in Satterfield County, Virginia; a county filled with brilliant blossoms and rich farmland where tobacco, corn and dark leafy greens grew in neat rows that blended into its horizon.

    This moving tale is built on social customs, character and a genteel, close-knit community. When a menace moves into town, this charming southern county is suddenly thrust into a nightmare. Its spirit is tried and tested, rendering one of the most passionate historical stories of present day.

  • Page Count: 218
    ISBN: 978-1-940994-15-4

  • Written by Terri E. Lyons

    Recently, Terri won first place Award for the Best Storytellas in Town contest for her essay Dimensions in Music. Terri performed a spoken word event on the Public Access Television series Accentuate, inspiring her to write her first play, Kitchen Table Chats, and debut novel, Puzzles.

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