Pumpkin Bear and his New Friend (eBook)

by Gabrielle Chanel

  • While spending time with his well-traveled Grandma, little Pumpkin Bear meets an unexpected friend and his eyes open up to a whole new world.

    This book introduces the story of Pumpkin Bear embarking on an exciting journey to make friends all around the world and share a laugh with them.

    Featuring original music from up-and-coming musician Hector Busigo.

    Exclusively for iPad

  • Ages: 0-5
    Page Count: 16


    •   Colorful Illustrations
    •   Educational Interactivity
    •   Professional Voiceovers with Native Speakers
    •   Filled with Voices, Sounds & Music
    •   Designed for Accessibility

    Open the door to a new world by having your children discover languages and culture with our interactive books for iPad that will spark their imagination.

  • Written by Gabrielle Chanel and Fernando Isern
    Illustrated by Laura Nikiel

    The challenge of learning any language is having daily interactions with native speakers and their culture. Pumpkin Bear Books extend beyond simple vocabulary by creating an environment that is visual, auditory and tactile. Immersing children in a language they can see, hear and touch enables them to think in that language and prepares them for fluency.

    Parents, teachers and kids in over 40 countries around the world enjoy our affordable language books to learn French, Spanish and English.

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