Double Dare (eBook)


  • Mona always dreamed of writing for theatre, except conventional living took precedence. That was all well and good until she treated her best friend to see the play Hairspray. One unforeseen event turns a fun day out into a roller-coaster ride of side-splitting, page-turning adventure.

    If you have ever been faced with the decision between following your dreams or choosing financial security, this witty, fast-paced tale of friendship will take you on the adventurous escape of your life.

  • Page Count: 205
    ISBN: 978-0-9886907-7-6

  • Written by RYCJ

    RYCJ has written in a mosaic of genres, from memoir to several novels; spiritual, historical, multicultural, erotic and romance series. A reader, reviewer, poet, author, illustrator and publisher, she is a must to be experienced.

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