Pumpkin Bear Books

Teach your children Spanish, French and English with our interactive books for iPad. Kids will love learning languages with Pumpkin Bear. Disponible en español.


Open the door to a new world by having your children discover languages and culture with our interactive books for iPad that will spark their imagination.

What's inside?

Interactive pop-overs

Colorful characters

Review quiz

Why You'll Love Pumpkin Bear

Wonderfull Content

Filled with colorful illustrations, adorable characters and memorable video reviews.

Educational Interactivity

Touch-based learning that will engage you children in learning languages without being a distraction.

Practice Makes Perfect

Each topic includes a lesson review and quiz to help your kids practice their new language.


We believe learning languages shouldn’t be a luxury. The introductory story book is FREE and each topic is only $1.99.

Professional Voiceover

Each word is recorded in beautiful high quality audio by native speakers.

Designed for Accessibility

We take advantage of all the great technology available on iPad to make our books fully accessible.

New Year, New Image!

Pumpkin Bear has a new look and he’s excited to share his love of languages with his new friends. Featuring new illustrations, studio-quality audio narrations by native speakers and interactive exercises.

About Pumpkin Bear

The challenge of learning any language is having daily interactions with native speakers and their culture. Pumpkin Bear Books extend beyond simple vocabulary by creating an environment that is visual, auditory and tactile.

Immersing children in a language they can see, hear and touch enables them to think in that language and prepares them for fluency.


Over 10 years at Apple teaching technology proved to husband-and-wife team Fernando and Gabrielle that students can learn anything, if the teaching style adapts to the individual.


We design our iBooks to reward curiosity and accommodate different learning styles while ensuring they are accessible for hearing and visually impaired children.

Parents, teachers and kids in over 40 countries around the world enjoy our affordable language books to learn French, Spanish and English.

Start learning now!