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What do a writer, a filmmaker, and a designer have in common? They all share a passion for unique storytelling. At OSAAT Entertainment, our three principals — founder Rhonda Y.C. Johnson and vice presidents Gabrielle Chanel and Fernando Isern Busigo — utilize that passion to produce high-quality books that engage the imagination one story at a time.

Fiction Books for Kids

Primarily focusing on children’s book publishing, OSAAT Entertainment strives to create an entertaining experience for young and soon-to-be readers. We know kids benefit from multisensory learning, which is why we incorporate tactile elements into many of our products. From Kiley’s Purple Hat, a foil-stamped, fabric-covered book, to Pumpkin Bear Books, a language learning series for iPad, kids actively participate in our books with both their minds and their senses. We also know kids dive into their interests wholeheartedly, so we’ve added complementary accessories like jewelry and t-shirts to inspire creativity beyond the books.

“There are so many children's books available today. My daughter has a bunch of books and I thought I've seen it all… Kiley’s Purple Hat is truly unique.”

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High-Quality Books for Adults

As a boutique publisher, we also offer books for adults. From bestselling author Gwen Davis to debut writer Terri E. Lyons, OSAAT Entertainment brings readers an array of stories to add to their home libraries. We stand apart from other publishers in that we sell our books to readers, directly from our website. Readers can also follow our blog where we dish out witty and insightful posts about literature, movies, and more. Stay up-to-date with our authors, upcoming releases, and events by following us on Facebook.

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Praise for Our Authors

“Uplifting! [Daughter of God] is a wonderful small miracle, truly a gem, with wit, wisdom and a contemporary feel that becomes timeless.”

“Even though my daughter is too young to understand I’m trying to teach her everyday to be creative and I have her do many crafts with me all the time. I can’t wait to get [Kiley’s Purple Hat] and the two of us can read it and become inspired each time.”

“Sometimes life leads you to discover some really special things. Like a hidden paradise beach I once discovered in the Dominican Republic when I wandered off the beaten track. Or like Kiley’s Purple Hat. It's a beautiful story that encourages children to be who they are, and gently reminds parents that spending time together is the most precious thing you could do.”

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