Kiley's Purple Hat

The perfect book to tuck your little artist in with every night. Buy the book today!

About the book

Kiley loves color! She is a four-year-old artist who recognizes the beauty of color in everything; in nature, in her shoes, even her blankets. Kiley is always painting in vibrant, lively colors.

Join Kiley on her journey as she happily expresses herself through art and spends the afternoon with her mom, making something special with their own hands.

Kiley’s Purple Hat looks like no other children’s book. It is handmade, covered in purple fabric with foil-stamping, Singer side-sewn and the illustrations are gorgeous. Available in print and digital.

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Why You'll Love Kiley's Purple Hat

It's for Little Artists

Encourage budding artists to see the beauty of color in all that surrounds them.

Inspires Creativity

The book is covered in side-sewn purple fabric and the illustrations are gorgeous.

Exciting Activities

Read along with Kiley and paint your own hat, only on iBooks for iPad and Mac.

Read Anywhere

Available in multiple formats for young readers: Print, iPad and Kindle versions.

Read It Together

Put a smile on your child’s face while exploring Kiley’s colorful world together.

Gift a New Tradition

Pass down a beautifully handmade book, from generation to generation.

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Funded on Kickstarter

Wow! In 45 days we raised $11,365! We are thrilled to share Kiley’s Purple Hat with the world. Thank you so much for your support. Visit our Kickstarter page for any announcements you may have missed...

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Author Jaxon Barnes


An avid reader and life-long learner, Jaxon's love for picture books inspired her to write Kiley’s Purple Hat. She’s a fashionista at heart and experienced jewelry designer, who expresses her creativity through the use of color in her wardrobe. Jaxon’s infectious passion for color shines brightly in her home with orange, red and blue walls.


Behind the story

Kiley is a budding artist who loves color. She recognizes the beauty of color in everything; in nature, in her shoes, even her towels. Kiley also has a fascination with animals, writing letters and is excited by all the colors in fabric stores. Kiley is always painting pictures in vibrant, lively colors.

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