December 14, 2014

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Two Sensational Release Parties for Children's Book Kiley's Purple Hat!

Jaxon Barnes reading Kiley's Purple Hat at Book Release Party in Washington DC

Look at those faces! It tells a story without words. Children want to be read to. They are curious by nature, wanting to ask questions and explore the world, and little imaginative and creative Kiley, with the chubby cheeks, proved she has what it takes to inspire young minds.

ArtJamz in Washington DC

Saturday, December 6, a dozen children met Kiley for the first time at ArtJamz located in Washington DC. After painting and pizza, author Jaxon Barnes read Kiley's Purple Hat to them. Instantly a dozen young minds showed their interest in the story, asking questions and following the pictures, wanting to know how Kiley made her hat. A raffle was held afterwards, with a grand prize that included Kiley’s signature easel and a handcrafted purple hat.

Abrakadoodle in Silver Spring, Maryland

Sunday, December 7, Kiley’s book release party was held at the Silver Spring Civic Building in Maryland, where children enjoyed a similar reception with Abrakadoodle, a world-wide art program that brings art onsite to kids. After making hats while snacking on sandwiches and cupcakes, Jaxon Barnes again read Kiley’s imaginative story to the children. Attendees took the opportunity to buy books, jewelry and t-shirts, and took part in the raffle.

Kiley delighted many this past weekend. Through her story, supported by brilliant colorful illustration, and read in a pleasant storytelling voice by Jaxon Barnes, Kiley showed creativity does inspire.

We thank ArtJamz Studio, Abrakadoodle, and all of the parents who brought their children to the book release parties for supporting Kiley and allowing her to show you how this wonderful book will make a perfect Christmas gift. Children want to be inspired, and you let their interests be known.

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