November 10, 2014

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Caring for Books

Dog Cares for BookWith the upcoming December 8th release of Kiley’s Purple Hat, a handcrafted, Singer side-sewn book covered in purple fabric, we want to provide a few tips that will best ensure books remain wonderful treasures in your library.

There are many websites, the Library of Congress being a main resource, that list ways to care for books. Caring for Kiley’s Purple Hat is not that much different:

  • Make sure our hands are clean and no sticky fingers while reading please : )
  • Store books in room temperatures that feel good
  • Occasionally, use a duster (preferably microfiber) to get rid of dust and debris

A few other ways to care for Kiley’s Purple Hat

While Kiley advocates creativity and loves to sew, draw and paint, it is best to keep the crafting tools such as scissors, pencils, crayons and especially paint away from the book.

Each book has been individually shrink-wrapped, so your copy arrives in the best condition. And remember to discard the plastic wrapper once removed.

The best way to care for a fabric-covered book like Kiley's is to keep it in a place where it does not rub against other books. Kiley is quite the independent artist. She wouldn’t mind being placed on a bookshelf in her own little corner, or perhaps sitting on a book easel on a shelf facing forward for display.

Kiley wants to be read and the best time to read Kiley’s Purple Hat is at bedtime. Reading imaginative stories at bedtime is perfect for ensuring our young artists get a restful night’s sleep, full of beautiful dreams.

Pre-order your copy of Kiley's Purple Hat today. It's the perfect book to tuck your little artist in with every night!

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