November 03, 2014

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Fall is here! A season with a reason to fall for a good book

Each of the four seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall) embrace reasons for reading a book.


During winter weather, when temperatures drop below preferable preferences, especially in areas where it snows for a few months out of the year, this change in seasons creates the perfect ambiance to unwind by reading a book that invigorates. Our favorites to read during winter weather are the darker books; mysteries, true-crime, thrillers, science fiction and you can never go wrong with reading a memoir.


Generally, spring weather invites a "getting out" mood, where focus is on getting out to welcome the beginnings of a new season. But the change in atmosphere as the seasons cross paths can cause wet, rainy weather spruced up by lightning and thunder. This type of weather is the perfect ambiance to read about any other place or life, than the station in life where you are. Our favorites to read during spring weather are memoirs.


Summer weather typically draws people to the beach, a textbook setting for beach reading or what is typically referred to as “beach reads”: light, fun and engaging books. Our favorites to read during summer weather are romance, chic-lit, satire, humor, graphic novels or any books promising a fun, light-hearted mental escape.


Woman reading outsite during fallFall weather however, is our favorite season. The colors, the moderate temperatures, family, the major holidays; all of this creates a mix of moods that allows reading from any of the book genres. Our favorites are children’s books, right in theme with the December 8, 2014 release of Kiley’s Purple Hat.

We will celebrate the release of Kiley’s Purple Hat December 6, 2014 at ArtJamz, in Washington, D.C., and December 7, 2014. In addition, we’re holding an Abrakadoodle "Arty Party" in Silver Spring, Maryland. Click here to reserve a spot for you and your little ones.

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