September 28, 2014

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Satire, Spoofs and Spiritual Storytelling

Illustration from The Daughter of God (eBook)

It takes determination to find our purpose on earth and courage to face the challenges that come with living a meaningful life, particularly when the mission is driven to inspire, teach and touch others where and when we can.

That’s what we do at OSAAT Entertainment. In addition to regaling readers with a diverse mix of literature that includes contemporary women’s fiction, historical accounts and children’s books, we take pleasure in publishing spiritual riffs such as the satirical parody in the telling of The Daughter of God.

Who will love this book?

From young women in their 20’s, to adult women and readers drawn to delightful humorous spoofs will enjoy this reverent Biblical reworking centered on twelve women and a congregation of perspectives stirred from one deity — the voice of morality.

Imagine this book on your iPad, full of images with striking semblances to Da Vinci's Last Supper, lavishly illustrated by Joe L. Sky, and an illuminating tale that keeps you laughing and remembering the core premise long after closing the book:

"Have the patience to wait for your chance,
the energy to seize it,
and the tenacity to hold on."

Get this uplifting, humorous story on your iPad today!

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