September 21, 2014

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Reading for Entertainment vs. Reading for Information

Book Cover: Double Dare (eBook)

Many busy people might scoff at the thought of spending a day on pleasure. In a fast-paced world focused on making the right career, life and financial choices, leisure entertainment, defined as any activity not returning an immediate financial gain, falls in last place, often associated with vacations… that thing you do, on average, two weeks out of a year.

For this reason, reading with the purpose of gaining information expected to lead to a financial reward, is given an acceptable pass. That’s different. Any activity that subscribes to putting food on the table, a roof over your family’s head and clothes on your back is highly endorsed. This might help explain why reading for information is generally not enjoyable. Like work, reading for information is also a chore. Perhaps, this is why it should come as no surprise for many who associate the activity with boredom.

Polar Opposites

Reading for entertainment however, is the near polar opposite of reading for information. Find the right book that suits your spirit, like a sports team you root for, or the type films you enjoy, or how about this one… the type of food that best nourishes your body, and you will appreciate reading for entertainment.

Double Dare is that book. It is a fun story to follow, moving quickly through a barrage of adventures as two friends attempt to correct one mistake, in 228 pages exquisitely penned by RYCJ. One event after the next, this satirical spoof culminates when two friends, both women and both married, surprise themselves, and thus readers, as they attain a life goal they had put aside in order to raise a family and make money.

Sometimes the answers we seek are in the least expected places, containing untold amounts of inspiration, wisdom and financial rewards. And a good laugh is always beneficial to the soul.

Read Double Dare today. It will suit your spirit.

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