June 07, 2014

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Kiley's Purple Hat is Lexile Measured

Ever wanted to know about books and reading levels for children? Here’s the skinny.

Measuring a book’s reading level:

Helps teachers customize their instruction to their students and connect them with resources that match their individual reading ability.

Assists librarians in supporting classroom teachers and guiding parents on the best way to encourage their young learners.

Helps parents challenge independent readers and assist struggling readers—without parents having to read every book in the library.

There are many frameworks available for measuring the reading level of a book. We decided to go with Lexile because a Lexile measure provides information about a book’s developmental appropriateness and common or intended usage.

The Lexile Score for Kiley’s Purple Hat is AD 690L

The Lexile score is primarily based on the sentence length and word complexity within the book. The AD (Adult Directed) is given based on the formatting of the book. Picture books like Kiley’s Purple Hat are frequently considered “Adult Directed” because they are usually read to a child, rather than a child reading them independently. This is a classic example of the parent and child sitting together on the couch with the book open on their laps.

Inside view of Kiley's Purple Hat, the beautiful handcrafted book little artist will love

Picture books like Kiley’s Purple Hat are frequently considered “Adult Directed.”

Although seemingly easy reading, picture books can still present a challenging independent reading experience for reasons of text difficulty and book layout and design. By assigning a certified Lexile measure to Kiley’s Purple Hat, we are providing the most-used and researched metric for text complexity and reader ability.

Also, for parents that would like to know how Kiley’s Purple Hat’s Lexile measure (AD 690L) correlates with other reading measurement frameworks, read on…

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  • Lexile Measure - AD 690L
  • Grade Level - Grade 3
  • Reading Recovery - 24
  • Fountas-Pinnell Guided Reading - O, P
  • DRA - 38
  • Basal Equivalent - Grade 3

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