May 19, 2014

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Banner Kiley’s Purple Hat now on Kickstarter

Here’s an exciting, creative, imaginative and a must-have children's book for young readers. Little artists are going love Kiley’s Purple Hat, a beautifully handmade children’s book full of color and texture.

We have Nathalie Beauvois to thank for illustrating this spunky young artist and author Jaxon Barnes for creating a truly wonderful story and for entrusting OSAAT Entertainment to bring Kiley’s Purple Hat to life.

The book is absolutely fashionable. Kiley loves the color purple, so a purple cover it became, and in cloth, since our little crafty artist works with fabrics. From cover to illustrations to characters, the story is sure to warm homes and hearts. Young artists are going to have fun spending time with Kiley.

We’re so excited about this project and we’re asking parents, educators, and anyone with a love for children’s books to support our very first Kickstarter campaign. The money raised will help us enter the final stage of print production to create this beautiful, handmade book.

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