January 01, 2014

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Happy New Year

Banner Happy New Year

We’re opening the New Year with a brand new look and an exciting new website to enhance the experience for readers visiting our website.

For starters, Dilla, our family dog will be sharing a Bite of Life, revealing his innermost thoughts and entertaining you with his take on movies, from a FrenchBo’s perspective. (If you are wondering what is a FrenchBo exactly, think French Bulldog and Boston Terrier wrapped into one gentlemanly package!) We’re also bringing out FLEX-tyme, a cartoon sketch that will depict the lighter side of the publishing industry. And our most exciting news of the year: all the books we’re publishing in 2014.

Get ready to put on your purple hat and get creative with our new children's book. Sign up for updates at PutOnYourPurpleHat.com Your little artist will love this book! We also have several novels coming out to entertain adult readers. Check back often for announcements of book release dates and upcoming events.

It was a very exciting and rewarding 2013, a note we look forward to carrying through 2014.

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