November 15, 2014

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Movie Review - Interstellar

I went into this movie with no expectations. Wait, no… Let me take four steps back. While watching the previews before Gone Girl (I’ll spare you the scathing review on that one) up came a preview for Interstellar.

To be quite honest, the trailer looked dull; painfully dull. Nothing happened. Nowadays previews reveal everything, so by the look of the trailer, there wasn’t going to be much. Boy, was I wrong…

The beginning

Dilla enjoying InterstellarFirst things first: thank you, thank you, thank you for not starting the film with an “End of Days” montage about the fall of civilization as we know it and wannabe Wolf Blitzers commenting every step of the way, plus the obligatory scrolling ticker announcing New York, Paris and Moscow have all been destroyed. I liked that they drop you right in the middle of the story and slowly reveal the details.

The future

Interstellar’s version of the future seems normal and contemporary. I found myself asking: What year is it? I’m sure my human parents were asking themselves: are we part of Donald’s generation or Cooper’s? Soon, I realized these questions weren’t important at all. The more relevant questions are: What are we doing about the future of our planet? Are we caretakers or explorers? What does the relativity of time mean for our survival?

Now, I’m no stranger to the relativity of time, what with variable aging rates or “dog years” as my sweet, loving, innocent humans refer to it, but it was refreshing to see a movie focus more on the science than science fiction. I ain’t no rocket surgeon, as W would say, but nothing felt too far-fetched, gimmicky or cheesy. This is a profound, believable movie about space exploration.

The details

From watching the spaceship carefully dock, entering the atmosphere of a new planet to surfing some of the biggest waves I’ve ever seen, it felt like I was there, traveling through space. It’s the only film I’ve seen where I actually feel like I’m part of the mission.

Nolan’s love for space and astronomy is evident and magnificently told through some of the most exquisite footage I have ever seen of matter, particles and energy. I don’t have a true IMAX theatre nearby, but was lucky enough to watch the 35mm film version. It looked gorgeous, the way movies should look…but I digress.

The pets

My only bone to pick is man’s best friend was replaced by giant talking robots, like TARS and CASE. Although the friendship of man and machine works well and feels almost human, let’s not forget who pioneered space travel. RIP Laika. I kept getting the creepy feeling that the future is not looking good for me and my four-legged friends. I just hope we weren’t victims of the first food shortage…

The conclusion

Story was captivating (I’m still barking about it). Casting was on point. Acting was superb. Special effects were magnificent because they were subdued, muted and felt real. Even though I watched this film after eating a full bowl of kibble and was sleepy, I couldn’t close my eyes for a second. Interstellar is Standing-on-4-paws-at-the-edge-of-the-seat good. I believe this is my first 4-paw review in a long while.

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